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Wise Memory Optimizer

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Wise Memory Optimizer is a free system utility whose main function optimizes free PC Ram , with powerful features and built software developed by WiseCleaner . Ram memory buffer – an important component in the speed used , depending on the amount of resources that your computer running smoothly and handles extremely fast operations . However, during operation, the software will have a powerful impact to ram , ram overflow aka overflow . This represents a very clear when you see the machine status or pumpkin or take a long time to process an operation seemed simple . It is time for the software you need to effectively optimize Ram with powerful features . In this capacity , I show you a free utility Wise Memory Optimizer first . Hopefully more will help you to better care for your computer .

Along with the software installed on system optimization and registry cleanup , defrag the hard drive , the RAM optimizer so that high efficiency operation is to do regular work for computers healthy . Try to imagine what a beautiful day you wake the computer up and take a lot of time to launch any program or related actions , have to wait long neck and lag condition , so the machine . Check the Task Manager , the column is always on the Ram 80 % , it is dangerous to let this phenomenon occurs . ” Explosion ” , the most severe consequences may be damaged Ram and a number of relevant connections . So what ‘s the problem leading to excessive handling Ram as this ?
It is the allocation of resources is not rational in the process of using the software on the same computer . For example, only 1GB of RAM but run many different applications , while off the memory, not freeing resources section which always occupied the house without to perform the tasks, and other tasks . Are you or F5 or right click your desktop and select Refresh right? That is the simplest way to liberate cache , refresh and improve efficiency . But , it is not good enough , you need software support by effectively optimize ram without taking up more space and consume install ram in use. The name you want to say in this article and to encourage people to use it is : Wise Memory Optimizer . So you are probably wondering : Why is this software and not the other ?

Why choose Wise Memory Optimizer to optimize Ram

Like many other software before you install and use the computer . You always have questions , doubts as Why choose ? Use it well or not free , pay licensing fees ? Of course , in the same field , the software has produced more goods available to the computer user . And here are some reasons why your chosen Wise Memory Optimizer .
As one of its free utility software WiseCleaner . You will not have to spend any additional costs for the installation , use and upgrade . You also get maximum support while using this software .
OS Support
Wise Memory Optimizer is fully compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows Xp/7/8/8.1 including 32bit – 64bit version . So you will not have to worry about their problems using Win dnag anymore.
Statistical charts in real time
This is very important to update the resource flow ram used and available to you an overview of the current situation . Since then quickly put out the appropriate solutions and efficient .
Modes automatically optimize RAM
This is a very useful feature , it allows you to set a minimum level of free ram . Whenever the actual amount of ram < = your settings , the program will automatically change to optimize an immediate ram without your intervention .
Mode as many resources as possible available ram
Surely everyone is not desired resource ram to use high computer working smoothly , no problem in the whole process works . This exciting feature helps users excited that you should try .

Manual optimization Ram software

This is a Portable , you unzip and run immediately without installation . The program interface as shown below .

To optimize Ram , you click Optimize Now . The amount of ram is released will be displayed below.

Here , you can choose the function minimized to the taskbar , start with Windows , while the optimal Clipboard delete , update new version . Most important is the establishment of a minimum amount of RAM available , click Enable for Wise Auto Optimize Memory Free Memory Optimizer hits when you set up . This feature is very useful and does not require human interaction .
In addition, the program supports many different languages ​​, including Vietnam . However, that alone is not important , because this gadget is easy to use and with just one click .
Above is the introduction of Wise Memory Optimizer – Ram optimization software free of his very effective . Hope you liked and helpful for you .
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