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Mozilla Firefox 28 Final Free Download

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Mozilla Firefox 28 Final Free Download

English version was officially launched with remarkable improvement in terms of features , web browser deserves the world’s leading developed and developing community- based open-source board head . The community was built by a very important and useful because it quickly get user feedback on bugs and features are not yet complete . Activities based on community spirit , one can study the source code and make changes , their opinions for firefox web browser . Previously , I use Google Chrome or , in this time it is or is suspended , as well as a few bug Shockwave other things made ​​me choose to immediately fire fox firefox web browser this . In this version of Firefox 28 Final , I can surf WRB vu feeling , especially stable and less resource Ram .

Mozilla Firefox 28 Final has been updated , but it has not provided the mozilla homepage . I get the download page link software is quite popular in a foreign country that is Majorgeeks . Share your installation file to upgrade to the latest version with improved features and better support for Web surfing and Internet security .
Maybe you are already familiar with some name 1 popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer , Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox or Opera as another name . Safari … Depending on user needs and experience of each person they will choose his favorite web browser for yourself . So Firefox unattractive to attract users to choose to use ?

Key Features of Mozilla Firefox

When surfing the Web , which is what you usually interested : Web surfing speed , safety , security , level of system resource hog , compatibility and good display of web content such as Flash . In addition, many utilities to support optimal and maximum support for the need to use and work is extremely important . Another is the ability to customize the look , nobody likes a web browser that only displays a single interface by default right? With this wealth of built and developed by the online community : Firefox is the top choice .
Function malware removal
Firefox protects you from viruses , worms, trojan horses and spyware delivered via the Web . If you accidentally access an attack site , it will warn you away from the site and tell you why it’s not safe .
Detect and prevent fake Web
Shopping and business safely on the Internet . Firefox is a new update of forgery sites 48 times in a day , so if you try to access a phishing site then Firefox will inform you to stop in time .
Check the Web site information
Today there are many sites with many different areas that you do not understand the information .Firefox will update information on the site for you . You can tell how many pages of hits and have Google alerts on harmful web page or not in the last 90 days .
Delete all Web sites visited
Have you ever been on one web which you would like the content of it . However, you do not want someone to be curious to see what you have ? Firefox will help you immediately remove all traces of the historical sites as well as in the advanced search of the address counter . You feel totally comfortable with the site I was viewing .
Supervise children
Implementation of the control settings of your parents that you ‘ve entered on Windows 7 . Prevent unwanted downloads and more .
Delete recent history
Clear all your private data or just your activity in the past few hours with a few clicks . You have full control over what to remove without leaving any trace .
Private browsing mode
Like Google Chrome incognito , when you use Private Browsing on firefox , any historical information , cookies , cache files are not stored on your browser. When you turn off private browsing This is all the information that you have access , on which are entered immediately ” evaporated ” . Too great is not it?
Custom privacy settings
Customize settings for passwords , cookies , loading images and installing add-ons for a web experience that you have full set .
Firefox looks for a secure connection before installing or updating add-ons , 3rd party software , and interface .
Virus Removal Software
Firefox integrates elegantly with anti- virus software of your Windows . When you download a file, the antivirus program of your computer . The program will automatically check for your protection against viruses and other malware , which if left unchecked , it can attack your computer .
Download: Firefox 28.0 for Windows | 24.0 MB (Freeware)
Download: Firefox 28.0 for Linux | 29.8 MB
Download: Firefox 28.0 for MacOS | 47.2 MB


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